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Thank you to Brian Kohl for hosting this web site. See his great photo gallery.


  • The Future Has Other Plans (2016). Co-written with Dr. Stephen McCool. The deep reasons why so many plans end on shelves unimplemented and how we can transcend the barriers. Click here for more information and purchase options.

  • The Protected Area Governance & Management Book (2015). I am a supporting author for two chapters on visitor management and engaging complexity. Book to be released at the World Parks Congress IUCN.
  • Fallout.” (2013). Science fiction romance novella, published as an ebook by Books to Go Now.com. “Harry Longmeadow flees Philadelphia to escape the big-city terrorism that took his brother’s life. The secret, underground shelter he builds in rural north central Pennsylvania is designed to withstand any form of attack. But when an assault comes, the biggest threat isn’t nuclear fallout, but a female writer and homicide charges, for which he has no preplanned defenses.
  • Achieving Self-Identity and Self-Worth.” (June 2014) Interpretation, Journal of the Association of Heritage Interpreters in the UK. Participatory community interpretive frameworking. Issue on Working with Communities. Reprinted in the Proceedings of InterpEurope's conferences 2011-2013. Spanish version in the Boletín de Interpretación 30 (agosto de 2014).
  • “The International Interpretation Conference: Bringing the World’s Interpreters Together.” Review of the European Association of Heritage Interpretation’s annual conference in Sweden 2013. (February 2014). Journal of Community Archeology & Heritage.

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"Takeoff." Hand-launched home-made bottle rocket, Ogden, Kansas. May 2014

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